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1 - mom's birthday
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4 - phm analysis final
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10 - patho final
19 - dave's parents arrive
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

(hello friends, it's been awhile, hasn't it?)

happy 30th anniversary, agape fellowship!

for those of you who don't know, agape is the fellowship my parents (and their friends) started up when they were in their twenties and going to college here. it's because of them that i have my lifelong best friends (tacb) as well as a multitude of honorary uncles and aunties to watch out for me. i can only hope that the friendships i have with tacb and those with my delta friends will be as strong 30 years from now. :)

in the meantime, here's a little blast-from-the-past:
part of today's agape 30th celebration service program was the opening of a "time capsule" we had put together seven years ago (right before "Y2K" hit). i think the best part was my dad rifling through the stuff in the elaborately decorated box and announcing to everybody that they "have the wrong box" (it wasn't), but the second best was reading the answers for our "millennium time capsule questionnaire". at the time i was 16 years old and in grade eleven, and apparently had very, very bad taste in music. one of my favourite bands at the time was the backstreet boys -- ah yes, those were the simpler days when my "teen heart-throb crush" was nick carter and he was cute and hadn't started dating paris hilton yet (in fact, those were the days when we didn't even know what a paris hilton was...) how i long for those days! my other favourite bands were OLP and bush (bush x?). looking over the rest of the list, my favourite shows were roswell, dawson's creek, and buffy. you're welcome, WB network. my favourite movie at the time was austin powers 2 and my favourite songs were "supernatural" by dctalk and, this is really sad, "all star" by smashmouth. when asked where i saw myself in 10 years, i wrote: "i don't know... i should be done school, maybe have a boyfriend(?), be living on my own, and have a job of some sorts. or else maybe i've won the lottery... or i'm a hobo...". clearly i was not a very articulate child -- though i suppose this answer was more realistic than mei's "married with two children" response! it's really strange to see how much has changed in just a few years and honestly, just like the 16-year-old-me seven years ago, i still don't have a clue what's going to happen ten years down the line. what i'm going to be doing, whether i will be happy, where i'm going to be living, how much money i'm going to win from the ontario gaming commission -- all of this is really up in the air at this time and, as i get closer and closer to graduation, it's really starting to hit me. *takes deep breath* i guess there's little i can really do besides taking things one step at a time... heh, but atleast tacb will always be my "best friends 4ever". :)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

hey guys, it's been awhile, hasn't it? the commenting system i use for my blog has gone down, and it's too much trouble sorting it out... so my way to remedy not being able to receive feedback comments is to just not generate any by not blogging!

ok, so it's not the best solution.

things have been quite busy since coming off of school for the summer. there's been people to see, weddings to plan (not my own! i swear!),shoes to buy, sushi to eat, and things to study. -- "things to study?", you say, "but it's your summer vacation?!" -- yes, you heard me correctly. it's currently 11 minutes to midnight and i'm sitting in front of my computer. studying.

i've got my pharm jurisprudence exam next month, but really, i'm reviewing things for work tommorrow. it's been great work experience for me so far, but i just started my job a little while ago and i'm still getting used to the hang of things. even more distressingly, as a pharmacy STUDENT, i'm actually kinda sorta supposed to know what i'm talking about! heh. hence the studying. i know i'm not going to be able to recall every single thing i've learned this past year, but it'd be nice to be able to answer the pharmacist when she asks me what are the important things you would tell the patient. who knew i actually had to retain all this knowledge? :p

aside from work, i'm been enjoying my summer spending my time with my family, dave, and friends. i've since learned that regularly scheduled "friend time" is the way to go, so my monthly tacb get-togethers and my weekly girls' nights have made a resurgence once more. have you guys ever wondered why i seem so knowledgeable about episiotomies and "tearing" (ouch!), veterinary surgical procedures, the hyperactivity of children, and the historical inaccuracies of blockbuster movies featuring ancient civs -- that's the influence of my girls' night's midwife, vet, teacher, and egyptologist right there.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

click me!

yikes, that is one crazy ad.

hello dear and faithful readers,
sorry i've been so neglectful lately, it's been quite busy since i've finished school. (hurray!!!) one of my classmates counted, and apparently we had 39 exams this year alone, so i feel as if i'm due a lot of hardcore partying!!

and what kind of hardcore partying have i been doing lately? i went to niagara-on-the-lake and then pioneer village the following day!! (i've got two words for ya: maple. fudge. YUM!!!) this week has been great b/c i've been able to relax a little and spend time with friends, something i haven't been able to do for the past month. i'm looking forward to a nice, restful summer. :) especially since i'm only working part-time this summer as a pharm tech (i just started on tuesday!), so i'm going to have a lot of time on my hands. does anyone want to hang out this summer or want to start up a business of some sort with me? ...please?!?

other things i'm looking forward to the next few months:
- the return of girls' night with my martingrove buddies
- monthly tacb meetings
- a multitude of weddings (4!!) of which i'll be in the wedding party of one of them :)
- catching up with friends
- finally getting some pharm experience. getting paid is also nice too.
- sleeeeeeeep!

can anyone think of anything else i can add?

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

hey everybody, in case everybody's wondering where i've been (email and otherwise), my internet's decided to die out on me (slowly and painfully and most inconveniently DURING my exams) so i won't really be around until this thing is fixed. i'm currently blogging at my uncle's house (i have to download notes for my final tommorrow!!!) and i haven't had time to respond to emails (sorry tacb :( i'll call/respond soon)or even check for addresses (sorry, ames :( just a little longer!) b/c i gotta rush to print this stuff off and study.

hopefully be back soon...

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

there's something rather perverse about being happy over having "only" 4 more finals to go. but after 3 written, 1 oral, and 2 standardized patient finals, i guess it's all about perspective. i'm slightly more than halfway done and only that much closer to "freedom".

on a side notes: i am officially in love with dave's DS lite. that's what i've been spending the past two days consumed with - exams be damned! :p actually, i was really good yesterday and resisted HUGE temptation, opting instead for the less fun, more productive pasttime of studying.

i <3 all things mario and all things nintendo!! (now someone buy me super paper mario please...)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[edit] for those who are wondering, no, there's nothing special or different going on with me personally. the reason why i'm so happy is b/c two of my close friends just got engaged last week. they're seriously the best couple ever and i predict many "happily ever afters" for the two of them. <3

right now i'm so giddy with joy that tears are starting to fill my eyes!!! congratulations!!! :D

[there's nothing like good news to take the sting away from studying.]

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

people have been noticing that it's been quite a while since i've last blogged, so i'm here to reassure my readership that i have indeed not fallen off the face of the earth.

what have i been doing in the meantime?

studying. counselling fake patients. stressing over upcoming exams.
and occasionally enjoying the perks of being a pharmacy student. what are these said perks, one might ask?

f.r.e.e. s.a.m.p.l.e.s.

since our faculty is 90% asian, you can pretty much expect us all to be locusts when it comes to freebies. so what if we wouldn't usually recommend cough and cold remedies to patients -- free samples of robitussin? grab me a handful of those!

"what's in that box?" "i don't know, but it's free!" (it turned out to be one of those keychain holders with a built-in watch)

i'll be honest with you though, the haul you see here pales in comparison to some of my classmates'. whereas i might have a pitiful handful, they grabbed entire boxes. it appears that even *i* can be out-asian'ed. (forgive me, my ancestors.)

lest you think i'm a complete hog, let me just say for the record that i *did* give some of my samples away and they went to good use -- although brandon quickly learned that you can't let gelcaps sit in your mouth too long before swallowing or else the quick-dissolve gel casing WILL quick dissolve and expose you too the bitterness that is ibuprofen.

and when i'm not drugging up my friends, i also moonlight as an amateur wildlife photographer. see them in their natural surroundings:

also of note: yesterday was my sweetheart's birthday. :)

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

hey guys, just some "shop talk" today. :)

unfortunately, my exam on thursday was NOT cancelled on account of the snow - if only it had been an evening exam, then it would have been!

had my OSCE test that i have been dreading since first year pharm and am SO GLAD that it's all over. i... really have no idea how i did. after i did each session, i kept on thinking of things i should have said or how i could have organized the counselling better, but i think most people felt this way. it's kinda good, b/c i think it's good practice to show me what works and what doesn't, in terms of patient counselling... i just wish that i learned those things BEFORE my exam! heh. on the plus side, i don't think i'm going to be a complete failure as a pharmacist and am rather surprised on how i actually know these OTC topics and products. i mean, it'll be better when i get more real-life experience, but i think i'm getting a fairly good background. so, if anyone wants to ask me about contraception, diarrhea, lice, heartburn, warts, athlete's foot, colic, motion sickness, etc. i no longer have to go, "hrm. i learned about that - lemme go check my notes and i'll get back to you on that..."

and to me, that's very exciting!

side note: man, today was a looong day. i've been staying late at school these past few days, studying. i had a midterm earlier in the week (and will have more in the following ones). and i spent 5 hours today waiting in (almost) complete silence, just so i could counsel a fake patient on a fake condition with a non-existent product for ~10 minutes. sigh. afterwards, went over to dave's place and helped him clean and prepare dinner for his uncle and aunt. guess who knows how duck brains taste now! :p

(in case you're wondering, it's actually not too bad. the only thing is that eating the duck head is too labour-intensive. i have the same complaint with the dim sum chicken's feet -- too much effort for not enough reward (a.k.a. meat) in return.)

p.s. bun, after you tagged me, i was gonna do that whole "grab the nearest book/turn to page 123/read 4 lines down/record the next 3 lines" thing, but the book that is closest to me is my behemonth of an "applied therapeutics" textbook -- it's really, really heavy (10lbs, according to my bathroom scale), 8.5"x11"x3.5", and when i open it up, has no page numbers. just page designations like 31-7 or 102-28. it's that big.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

guess who found out today that they have an exam this thursday...


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

you know, lately i've been thinking about med school. not that i'd actually get in (with these grades and my very shaky hands? heavens no!), but surgery and people's insides just sounds so fascinating. i tell you, if pharmacists were allowed to dissect and slice things up with scalpels, i'd be a very happy girl.

either that or some sort of serial killer. :p

the past few weeks have been absolutely hectic. as it turns out, as bad as last term was, *this* term manages to surpass it in sheer busy-ness, craziness, and stress. except for 3 (possibly 4) weeks, every week of this winter term has some sort of exam in it!!! but thankfully it's reading week and i get a bit of a respite despite my upcoming OSCEs. who wants to be a standardized patient for me??? .... PLEASE?!

i hope everyone's chinese new year dinners were good. :) i had so much fun - dave came over to celebrate with my (extended) family, and i must say he fits in really well with everyone. kirby even asked me to give dave a hug for him (after dave had left), but i suspect he might have had wii-related ulterior motives. but kirbs and bethany said they liked him and not just b/c of the video games. awwwww! :) anyway, the dinner and conversation all night was pretty hilarious. one of the highlights of the evening was during the "bai leen" when all us younger unmarrieds go around to the married couples and say a few chinese new year greetings/proverbs before we get our lucky red pockets. here's a (translated) sampling of what my cousins said: "may you grow more hair", "may your son do better in school", "i hope you get less wrinkles", and "may you do well in school" (my personal favourite - it was spoken to our grandmother).

oh, so today i went to this "let's talk science" event with dave. we went to a private school to judge science fair entries. now, i'm not so sure about how smart of these students are, but man, now *i* want to send my kids to private school! that place, though didn't look as impressive from the outside, was absolutely beautiful on the inside! the office was everything you'd picture a private school office to be like - comfy plush chairs, tables with china tea sets on them, classical music playing in the background, nice cabinets with artifacts from around the world... and the kids were actually really polite and well-behaved. the hallways were also decorated with great murals - some even 3D! as you can tell, i'm a sucker for aesthetics/packaging. :p

as for the actual science though, you should probably wait until dave comes out with a blog entry. (one word: "ponies".) from dave's previous experience, i decided to volunteer fully prepared to make (good-natured!) fun of the kids who obviously did their projects the night before ("hypothesis: my homemade compass will not work. conclusion: my homemade compass did not work. therefore my hypothesis was correct"). but instead, i ended up judging the projects of a lot of esl kids at the school, and honestly, you just can't make fun of esl kids. it's just mean.

ohh, but i thought it was funny when one kid's results discussion included this gem: "everyone seemed to have better short-term memory in the quiet, restful environment except for spencer, whose short-term memory was better in the loud, noisy environment. spencer is my brother. i think he might have been trying to fail me." :)

other gems:
"so strange... the garbage plant is growing like a normal plant"
"our hypothesis is, we will fail"
"which is heavier?"
"will it float?"
"so where did you come up with idea for your project?" "me. i'm a genius." "..."
"so do you know why/how the NaOH ingredient might help to clean the stains?" "... no. but i *do* know it's a man-made product. hah! i know more than you think i do!"

but i AM glad those grade 5 memory project girls got second place, they gave a very good presentation. plus they were just so cute! i also liked this other kid's project that dealt with atmospheric pressure, but it was beat out by the bridge, popcorn, and smelly plants.

oh! and one other thing i learned - there's actually a bit of "politics" that goes into the judging process. you have to try to balance girl/boy winners ratios, the different grades - apparently we had all the 7th graders winning and none from grade 8 so we had to "vote" - and sometimes ties are made since the lower grades can be sensitive and sometimes start to cry. awwww!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

and yes, this is a real album art cover.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

my friends met/hung out with some of my fellowship friends a while back, and here are some choice quotations from when they were describing them to me.

"he's a close-talker. have you seen that episode of seinfeld? i was like... [makes leaning back motion]."

"when he drinks, he's very touchy-feely with the guys."
"atleast it's not with the girls!"



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+ + +

i fear my blog is veering into angsty adolescent material b/c of the cryptic agitated posts and complaints over school, so i try to write about more pleasant things:

  • got together with my best friends today - tacb!!! :) i don't know if any of you are lucky enough to have close friends since childhood (babyhood, really), but i have been incredibly blessed with three extremely different, extremely wonderful best friends who have always been there for me despite being in different cities half of the time.speaking of that particular get-together with tacb,
  • have you guys noticed that many of the sushi places run by chinese ppl have really atrocious service? why is that?
  • my boo (hee!) got a nintendo wii just last week, so i've been trying to sneak in some rayman raving rabbids here and there. you'd think you'd get tired of their shtick - walk by, turn to look at the screen, and then proceed to FREAK OUT and scream - but no, no, my fascination with the bunnies seems to be infatiguable. "AHHHHHH!" hehe, bunnies just wanna have fun...
  • delta was really great last night. when we worship together, i sometimes look around at the friends around me, soak in the music, close my eyes, and think that this must be what heaven is like. no, not predominantly chinese. i believe that's markham. (or richmond, for you vancouver ppl out there :p ) but there's just something about these very different people with very different backgrounds and personalities finding simple joy in praising our God - singing as one voice... it's just all very lovely.
  • "shout-out" to gracie for the nice chat today. thanks for reminding me how i survived my years at queen's: your friendship, our mutual intolerance for b.s. and our random but hilarious talks. :)
  • school, to put it mildly, has been very stressful and generally terrible. just read the below posts and you get the idea - i won't rehash it all. on the plus side, however, i'm still scraping by slowly. my new motto concerning school is just to take things one day at a time. simple sounding, but muuuch more difficult to ---- gah! i just forgot the word i was going to write! it was a perfect descriptor and it's driving me nuts that i can't remember it anymore. and no, i can't substitute it with another synonym, it just wouldn't be right. it wouldn't convey the right emotion and understanding. if anyone can guess of the word i'm thinking of, please leave comment below.
    (p.s. it's not "accomplish", "initiate", "do", or "carry out". i think it had an "-uate" kind of ending.)
  • triggered by countless lectures on allergies, ig-E's, and anaphylactic shock, i had a dream where my face had red blotches that coalesced, began to swell, and then i started having difficulty breathing. i woke up gasping for air. scary.
  • is it bad that, two weeks later, i'm still on vancouver/seattle time?

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to whom this concerns:

what are we, in high school or something? seriously. GROW. UP.
that is all.


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

the rest of this post will pretty much be me complaining about school, you are now forewarned:

i left all my trip photos are on dave's camera which is currently in his possession, so the post will have to be postponed. and to be honest with you, i'm not in the mood to write a massive entry at this time b/c i'm feeling so drained from school. already. on the *third* day back. three days into the term and i'm already behind on everything. by the end of tuesday (after which i had a total of only 5 hours of class that week) i felt like i deserved a weekend (or better yet, another vacation), so you can imagine my dismay when i realised that i still had several days to go.

i feel like i'm going to be in a perpetual wednesday state for the entirety of the term - with the previous weekend a distant past and the coming weekend too far off. i've got a case of the never-ending wednesdays... :(

next week: i've got a midterm, a pass/fail/honours lab (which is essentially another test every other week - you can get failed for interrupting the "MD" while taking a verbal rx), a class presentation, 2 therapeutics panels, and i'm sure something else which i'm missing.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

it's good to be home. :)

back home from seattle and had tons of fun visiting ames there - good food, good company, nice sights, and lots of wii!!! i think i'm addicted to rayman raving rabbids now... i know bunnies just wanna have fun, but don't stay up too late playing, ok ames?

anyhow, i'm back home again and it's time to buckle down and do some work. 2006 has been an interesting year - full of ups and downs - and i trust 2007 will be no less exciting.

van/sea picture post and new year ruminations to follow.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

dearest ladies and gents,

i forgot to inform 90% of you that i have been in vancouver for the past week celebrating christmas and new years' with dave and his wonderful parents. sorry! it's been a week full of sightseeing, mildly sprained ankles (don't worry brandon, i soldiered it out and didn't get crutches :p ), discovering the awesomeness that is DAISO (a japanese two-dollar store), meeting friends, sushi the size of my fist, colds and coughing fits, and lots of FOOD.

when i get back in a week (just in time for school and school assignments...) i'm going to post a more complete entry on vancouver but i can't do it right now b/c i am headed to seattle this afternoon!! ames has graciously let me stay with her for a few days, so i'm spending the remainder of the trip in seattle.

see you in a week!!
- tiff

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

despite a few mishaps -- certain uncles and aunties spoiling the surprise; getting smaller portions at the "kids table" (half a fish?!); me freaking out over monday/today's exam -- i couldn't have pictured a greater way to celebrate my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. it was the perfect melange of family and friends, old and new. our family is so blessed. :)

.: 30 wonderful years together :.

december 18th, 1976.

happy anniversary, mama and papa.
we love you. :)

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Friday, December 15, 2006

sorry for the lack of posts, i'm busy being stressed for exams. i've got 3 down, 3 more to go. (last exam, this thursday) between studying and my parent's upcoming 30th anniversary, it looks to be a very busy weekend.

if anyone feels like praying for me ;)
mon - my parent's anniversary!!! :D also, my therapeutics exam
wednesday - management final
thursday - pathophysiology exam; then, freedom!

p.s. looks like i'm going to vancouver this holiday season (!!)

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

i started this post a month ago in response to d_c's blog entry on dreams and never got around to finishing it due to exams. :s

when i was younger, i used to think i didn't dream at all.

this notion was challenged in 8th grade when i did my project on dreams in mrs. boyce's class, but it still remains that i rarely remember my dreams. most of the time, my mind will just think oddly strange thoughts until i fall asleep or zone out (depending on my locale: in bed or in class). occasionally, this foray into the unfathomable recesses of my brain will exhibit in some truly weird dream - like that time i dreamt that wayne and garth (from wayne's world) were bill cosby jello wigglers commercial jiggly watermelons (with appropriate coloured wigs) who were trying to defeat an evil guitar - but usually i just wake up with no recollection of my REM cycles.

the one exception, however, is this dream where i'm being chased by zombies through a dank high school basement/boiler-room or darkened, semi-abandoned town. the locale must have been influenced by too much buffy b/c mci never had a basement, much less one that resembled a labyrinth full of pipes. these dreams usually feature a rotating roster of regulars - usually friends from mci or church - so i guess in that respect it's nice, since i always get to see loved ones. it's actually never quite a nightmare b/c nobody really gets hurt (that i notice) and the zombies, though persistent, are not very bright. it's not a scary dream at all. the problem, however, is their persistence - *that* is what makes the dream unpleasant. there's no violence or eating of the brains or anything remotely gory or horror-filled, it's just crouching and hiding and escaping over and over again. no matter how hard i try to manipulate the dream, it's just chasing with no end in sight. you're trapped in this endless cycle and it wears you down.

needless to say, i don't wake up refreshed the following morning. :p

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+ + +

this reminds me of OAC bio w/ms. sano
toothpaste for dinner

and this one, i just like. "please. please. please. please. please."
toothpaste for dinner

so it's been awhile since i've last posted. things have definitely slowed down since i finished my midterms, but i'm definitely still keeping busy. december exams are looming up quickly and i'm starting to panic once more.

despite the fact that school lectures are getting more and more painful, i've thankfully been able to enjoy life here and there in fleeting, seemingly stolen moments (as i feel like the purpose of my life right now as a student is to NOT have fun). this morning was one such moment when i decided to sleep in today for school :) and another was when i met up with the girls once more on saturday. (it's been too long!) thank God for those little recharge periods or else i think i'd really go insane.

speaking of sanity, who wants to keep me company this weekend as i try to get some studying done and keep myself from: 1) falling asleep, and 2) going insane? dave's gone to aspen today for a conference and, all-of-a-sudden, i don't know what to do with myself. suddenly my evenings and weekend seem very free and very lonely. :( i suppose my textbooks and notes could keep me company, but... c'mon.

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+ + +

Monday, November 20, 2006

praise report: yesterday, my grandmother accepted Christ! after thirty years of persistence, my parents' prayers have finally been answered.

to others in similar situations: don't lose hope! :)

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

older, but definitely not wiser.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

some ppl are just plain disgusting. what is wrong with this world?!

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+ + +

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

... free at last! [cue flamboyantly dressed man holding a script "freedom" sign.. it's an arrested development thing.]

now i'm available this evening to PARTY! read all about meningitis. :(

on the plus side, my exam wasn't too bad today and i'm going to get a brief reprieve from the craziness of midterms. this weekend i've got phollies, borat, time with dave, and a bit of school work thrown in just to keep me grounded. speaking of dave, he did the nicest thing today. :) he's been working like crazy this week to get a report done for a scholarship and has been stuck in his lab 'til really late. but he surprised me last night by visiting while i was studying in the wee hours of the morning just so he could bring me some snack/"brain" food (chicken corn soup and clams in black bean sauce) and to wish me a happy one year. then he bolted b/c he was afraid my parents would wake up and wonder why he was there. hee. what a guy. <3

and for those of you who find my choice in snack food suspect, i say "chacun à son goût".

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happy one year, sweetheart. i love you.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"consider it pure joy" indeed.
i don't think james ever took freakin' pharmacology.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

i have much to write you, but i do not want to do so with pen and ink. i hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face.
~ 3 john 1:13,14 (niv)

there are so many ppl i haven't seen in ages and so many more ppl i haven't spoken to. curse these exams! in the meantime, you'll just have to deal with me and my inconsistent blogging.

(btw, i don't really have anything interesting or exciting to say, i just miss you guys, that's all.)

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

maybe one of you tech guys can help me - is there any way somebody can help convert something i have on video cassette into something more digital? short of pointing a digital camera at the tv screen (which isn't really a great option), i don't really have the tools to do so at my own home, and i really, really want this...

it seems as though my father's unearthed a goldmine from the recesses of our basement. he found an old video cassette that said [in chinese] "1990 church christmas pageant video with tiffany as mary and jonathan as captain kirk". awesome. i think we were 7 and 11, respectively.

among the familiar faces i saw there:
- me, sporting many missing teeth
- mei and benita, as heavenly angels <3
- ju, surprising me with her excellent cantonese skillz
- my bro, as a "short shorts"-wearing cap'n kirk
- ed, as spock
- jenne, in that ubiquitous yellow, green, and red (?) winter jacket
- felix, being very well-behaved
- david zhang, acting goofy
- david chan, with goofy hair
- gable, scrunching up his nose
- shirley, wearing our house sheets as a robe
- matt mark, doing an excellent version of haman (from esther)

some of these performances deserve to be played at a wedding or something... everyone's voices sound SO different - it's amazing what puberty does! :p if you want to see them (and trust me, they're worth the effort), please help me find a way to convert the format!!!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

this is the first procrastinatory blog post of the 2006-2007 school year!

i've got a pharmacy management midterm tmw which i really should study for, but why study when you can write on the internets about unimportant things!!!

i just saw the strangest video ever. it featured magically appearing moustaches and a boy turning into a box. but the best part was the first five seconds when you see felix dressed up with... purple things (?) on his head/ears. in fact, the video hadn't even started loading and i was already laughing. :p

mystery solved: sadly, a mystery was solved for me today. remember when i blogged awhile back about that "blocked ID" who was calling my cell? i had previously speculated that this unknown caller was the previous phone holder's non-threatening slightly creepy ex-bf who did not know of the number change (and also out-of-town change of address). instead, i think it might just be dave calling me from his work phone so he won't use up his daytime minutes. boo! it was more fun to imagine the other scenario...

so today, i spent an hour at a wyeth seminar on vitamins. the seminar was stuff that we'd already learned in class, but i must say that the spread that followed afterwards was great. the food and dessert they served was pretty good (a step up from the normal subs that we are courted with) and the best part was all the free samples! heaven knows what i'm going to do with ten little bottles of centrum, a sample of materna, and 12 caltrate sticky note-pads, but i'm sure i'll find uses for them/give them away. first person to comment on the blog will get some free samples and literature, hehe!

went to the keg mansion and then saw the departed with the gang a while back. i'm, like, the only chinese person who hasn't seen the original infernal affairs and after watching the hollywood remake, i think i will. it's a pretty good, very funny movie, but had really slow pacing. too much character development. :p but i enjoyed it. besides this movie, i haven't been watching too much else besides my regularly programmed antm, veronica mars (the new season's finally playing in canada on the a-channel or something), and my new fave heroes. thank goodness for dave's pvr so i don't have to stay glued to the tv each evening. oh, we also watched rushmore last week, which i remember watching at gracie's place at the end of OAC with erin and liz. i seem to recall it being funnier, but i still love the line "nice nurses uniform, guy." hee!

shirley and kevin's wedding was on saturday. shirley looked beautiful, the bridesmaids looked HOT, and kevin looked extremely happy and relaxed. had a blast with everybody and it was so good to see ju, ames, and jenne while they were in town. the dinner was excellent and despite some questionable emceeing (too hk-styles for me, i'm afraid), the 'round-the-table banter at our table and dancing at the end of the night was tons of fun. who knew hm had such smooth moves? who knew iulia had such endurance when it came to dancing in heels? who knew kalam was so open to dancing with the aforementioned emcee? (hee! i kid, i kid!) who'd have thought i'd end up disco dancin' with my mom and dad? and, most of all, who knew dave was such a strange super dancer? (oh wait, i think i knew that already) <3 the only drawback now is that i've got "london bridge" and "sexyback" stuck in my mind all day now, even during lecture...

ok, i should really get back to business, ttyl!

p.s. who are the mci ppl still in town these days? i've been accused of being a bum since i pretty much have seen no one since the beginning of the summer. (not my fault! no one invites me out until last minute!) midterms will be confusing pretty much all of october, but i'd love to see you guys sometime... :(

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

zanta's been banned from all ttc trains, buses and streetcars? say it ain't so! :(

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it seems like i have another reason for looking forward to the future. :)
(though i suppose you can't really look backward to the future, can you?)

good movies i've seen lately:
eat drink man woman
talladega nights (still love my anchorman, but this was hilarious!)
wake up, ron burgundy! (the alternate anchorman movie - different plot)
thank you for smoking (SO good, SO bitingly funny)

best new show of this tv season:
HEROES! (go see it just for hiro, the cute geeky japanese fanboy!)

and lastly, books i've been reading:
therapeutic choices
patient self-care
principles of medical pharmacology
applied therapeutics


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... my cell has a more exciting life than i do.

as many of you know, i recently switched my cell plan b/c family plans really suck. as a result, i now have a new phone which i am content with, despite still not knowing how to work voicemail. i'll figure it out yet! no, it's not a "sexy" phone, as brandon would say, but it does its job and i can use the bluetooth headset when i'm on the phone with people (at home though, where i don't have to worry about looking like a tool in front of others).

anyhow, so with this new phone, i've been noticing (now that i finally have caller ID) that i've been getting a whole bunch of calls from a blocked number. typically, the phone will ring only twice and then i guess the call gets disconnected?

this brings me to the point of this blog: who do you suppose is calling? it can't be someone i know b/c i've never blocked anyone's number before. therefore, it must be an acquaintance of the person who previously held my cell number. i'm assuming the previous user is a female, based on the idea that she chose the number for the same reason i did. :)

anyway, in my mind i've been imagining that the blocked caller is this young woman's ex-boyfriend who has been calling her incessantly with pleas to get back together with him. in response to his affections, she blocked his number from her phone, switched to an entirely new number when she moved out of town, and then possibly served him with a restraining order (just to be on the safe side of things, you know).

what do you think?

[october 3/06, 3:58pm]
edit: just to clarify and keep things light-hearted and non-creepy, i've always imagined this ex-boyfriend as completely non-threatening. he's just a sad little boy who pushed away his gf with neediness. i mean, he's sweet and all, but there's only so many mixed CDs and late night serenades with a mariachi band that a poor girl can take! (oh, and there might possibly be a small shrine in his room with mementos from their short relationship, but otherwise he's completely harmless.)

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

maybe it's the lack of sleep, but i'm starting to fret a little over this third year in pharm. why didn't i listen to jenne when she implored me to consider my options before going to pharm? ("you'll be bored out of your mind", she warned) why did i listen to grace's dad when he told me that he could totally see me doing repetitive activities, such as those found in a pharmacy? heh. (or was that grace herself?) :p

actually, it's not pharmacy itself that i have a problem with - i don't think it'd be particularly boring, especially with the emphasis on patient-centered care these days - it's just that i'm worried about having to know things these days. i have to accumulate knowledge this year, retain and then actually apply said knowledge! that's just too much to ask from one person!!

oooh, speaking of grace, it was her birthday yesterday! happy 23rd, gracie! hope you partied it up in k-town! :) (and a very happy yesterday-birthday to gizelle too!)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's been awhile since i've blogged, eh? i think the last one was just a perfunctory entry about my cuba trip. i still don't feel like writing a lengthy recap, so if you wanna know about cuba either talk to me or check out bun's blog!

what i've done since cuba:
- worked on a school test and assignment *before* september had even begun
- ottawa-montreal roadtrip with dave, hm, iulia, wat and mary --> one weekend + one minivan with dvd-player + one biodome and botanical garden + one sleepless night (*snore*) + one poutine + one restaurant proprietor asking us to move from our window-side table in case there were flying shards of glass and bullets + one fatty smoked meat sandwich = one memorable trip
- missed ames b/c she wasn't on said trip
- spent time with a sycophantic bunny
- started school and saw the new pharmacy building (it's so nice to have all my classes in the same part of campus, but wish the building wasn't so clinical-looking)
- helped at/went to allison's wedding reception at alioli's on sunday night. congrats, sweetheart! we love you!!! had lots of fun with TACB (yay for speeches that are totally-thought-out-well-in-advance... right guys?), dave (this is the first event that i've attended as a couple! <3 ), ming, gable, and felix. oh, the games... "SHOOT THE MOON!!!!" *SLAM*

a couple of things i've been pondering:
- direction in life. experience. careers. passions. all that "fun" stuff.
- the meaning of friendship. are there ppl that you just have to let go of?
- the milford academy. :p

sorry for the incoherancy - it *has* been awhile since i've done this, you know.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


it's good to be home. :) thank God we just missed the ernesto, but i hope the cubans are ok.

it's going to take too long to recap, but a few things:
- despite their circumstances, the cuban locals were incredibly genuine and friendly ppl
- it was danged hot. it was buggy. i got sunburnt in the beginning and am now incredibly tanned (for ME) although i'm still pasty white compared to everyone else.
- oh, and i also got sick. i still feel a bit off. :( tiffy doesn't tolerate heat well.
- the beach was beautiful and we got to go snorkelling! but mostly, we lounged by the pool.
- you've never experienced disney until you see a lip-synched performance of "be our guest" in german by a tall cuban man dressed as a candlestick.
- wonderful, precious tacb time. <3
- oh yeah, and allison got married to drew. she is a married woman with a husband!!! (weird!!!!)

i took almost 2 gigs worth of photos and videos, so expect to see selected stuff pop up on my flickr in the next week or so. :)

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